At Bhatnagar International Foundation School all important national days and festivals are observed in the school through celebrations and special assemblies. Keeping this in mind, we celebrated Republic Day with enthusiasm and patriotic fervor befitting the occasion.

Republic Day is a day of great importance for every Indian since the constitution of India came into force and India was declared republic after long years of struggle for freedom. The children participated and presented a meaningful special assembly on this day. They shared their views and understanding of this day by taking the stage with great aplomb and putting together an amazing show for the young audience. The school choir set the pitch for the program, followed by patriotic and educational speeches by the students. It was a colourful affair with all the children dressed in beautiful garbs of different states for the dance performances. The stage was set with a variety of props, banners, posters and figures that depicted the rich heritage of different states. The children of all classes participated from Nursery to Grade II, looking resplendent in traditional clothes of different states. The special assembly highlighted the importance of celebrating Republic Day and upholding the rights and duties of every Indian citizen.