‘Graduation –is a time to celebrate new beginnings and say goodbye to everything that has given you a reason to smile. It is warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.’

Nursery graduation is an exciting milestone for tiny tots as it’s their first step towards a future full of new possibilities and hopes. To make this day special and momentous, BIFS celebrated Graduation Day to applaud young enthusiastic learners and their commendable performance during the session.

The celebration commenced with Principal’s address to the gathering highlighting the vision of Hon’ble Sir Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar that every child is a storehouse of untapped potential and they should be given conducive environment to discover and explore and signify the role of parents and teachers in student’s learning process. Children sang melodious songs, danced to foot tapping numbers and demonstrated few things they learned throughout the year. Then came the most significant part of the celebrations i.e. nursery students walking on the stage as proud graduates. Their smiling faces were welcomed by scintillating applauds. It was indeed a joyous and a memorable day for the little wonders as they received their graduation certificates.