A Home away from home, BIFS is a supplement to the home and not a substitute. Initial years of school life are vitally important in laying the foundations of character and personality. Keeping this fact in view, the School is fully equipped to cater to the needs of growing children.

This being the child’s first exposure to a large school, our primary aim is to make the children happy, secure and loved by providing an open, unpressurized environment in order to create an atmosphere suitable for learning. Children are encouraged to wonder and question, and in the process make learning an exciting and fun-filled experience.

Various competitions that are conducted to improve a child’s overall personality are

Theme based competitions
Recitation competitions
Show and tell / See and Tell / Hear and Tell
Class Dramatizations
Puzzle Solving
Story Telling
Picture Talk
Rhetorical /Declamation
Spell Bee
Fancy Dress
Hand writing
Art & craft

The general social conduct, manners, communication skills, artistic skills in fine arts and music are cultivated with great care and affection.